About Us

30th Century Group incepted in the year 2002 in the name of Lakshmi Entprises and renamed as 30th Century Group Enterprises in 2012 is founded & managed by Venkat Yadav. Under his leadership & guidance, it has produced number of fiction & non-fiction shows for various channels with the aim of providing wholesome entertainment to the audiences. Its vision is to create shows that provide family entertainment along with social significance by permanently creating a place in the hearts of the audiences.



In an era of daily-soaps ruling the TV industry, 30th Century Group led to the creation of a new genre of happiness & humour through innovative, family oriented stories, along with socially relevant moral messages.

30th Century Group is dedicated to create progressive & thoughtful quality entertainment for family audiences.

30 Centurgy Group is also having a Sister Concern in the name of 30th Century Lion of Judah Films, 30th Century Lion Mineral Water, 30th Century Entertainment and News TV, 30th Century Music, 30th Century Mansions, 30th Century Energy solutions 30thcentury hotels and resorts ( 5 Star Property) 



30thcentury Group 

30th century Energy solutions business country of ORIGIN INDIA ,  USA ,  ISRAEL ,  AUSTRALIA &  states of Delhi , Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, It formally launched on 27 October 2002 / 2004 in Delhi with a 15-day trial run before the formal launch. It is headquartered in Delhi and Visakhapatnam Along... Wikipedia

Owner: 30thcentury Group  / 30thcentury Energy solutions 

Headquarters: Delhi  / Visakhapatnam 

Parent: 30thcentury Group 

Founder / Chairman : Samson  

World incharge  / CEO  : Dr Ommi .  Venkat Yadav., BA(Eng)., MBA(hr)., B.th.,M.th.,PHD.th.